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Holy Week 2018

Holy Week 2018
April 7, 2018, 6:11 PM

Every Holy Week, I only spend my time with my family. But this year, I broke my traditional activity where I spent my Holy Week with my girlfriend Lauren’s family. It is my first time to spend a lot of time with Lauren and her family on regular holidays. Due to my 7-day class schedule for this semester, I was given more time to chat with my Mom with regards to our family businesses and the happenings for the past few months and with my grandfather who I haven’t seen for a quite some time. What I love during this religious observance is that we are given time to contemplate and relax ourselves from the stress that we encounter on a daily.

Holy Wednesday

Last Holy Wednesday, my mom and I visited the City Hall of Meycauayan. My mom was a former government employee and the Department Head of City Planning and Development Office. It was a trip down the memory lane, we were at the place she use to consider as her second home.

I was given the chance to practice driving the newly-purchased automatic family car of my girlfriend. I never had a chance to try an automatic before and I only know how to drive a manual car.

Maundy Thursday

I get up at an early time whenever I sleep in other people’s houses due to the feeling of not being in my comfort zone. Lauren and her nephew are the first faces that I see whenever I sleepover at their place because they always wake up so early.

We spent our Maundry Thursday morning at a memorial nearby their house for a quick jog.

My girlfriend is very sweet to me and taught me on how to make a tofu sisig.

How to make a tofu sisig:

I had the chance to bond with her 4-year-old nephew where I helped him practice his writing skills, we also painted.

We spent our two nights watching films such as the “Annihilation” and reading and reminiscing the letters that I gave to her for the past 5 years. We had a long conversation where we looked back on our lives before. Our conversation went as far back to the first day we met. She shared her 2013 Planner. We laughed, we cried, and we enjoyed the whole night the things and memories that we shared and our good old times.

Good Friday

My girlfriend and I started the day right by working out. This was the 30-minute workout video that we imitated by fitness trainer, Shaun T.

After we had a great workout, we baked chocolate chip cookies for my family. It was my first time to learn how to bake cookies.

We went to the “Vinegar Capital of the Philippines”, Paombong, Bulacan and witnessed a devotional practice and reenactment of The Crucifixion as part of the local observance of Holy Week. It took us a long walk before we reached the venue. It was really a hair-raising experience because it was my first time to watch a real crucifixion.

Black Saturday

After spending my time with Lauren’s family, I went home to Meycauayan and spent time with my family.

What I love when I am home is that I have the liberty to eat what I want to. I have the free will to get as much rice as I want. I was able to enjoy eating chicharon, kropek and fishballs with my family, just like the old days.

Easter Sunday

We woke up early in the morning at 2:00 AM because I was very excited to witness the traditional rites “Salubong” of Virgin Mary and her son Jesus Christ at St. Francis of Assisi Parish Church in City of Meycauayan, Bulacan followed by an Easter Vigil right after the ritual.

I must say that this year was a very well-spent time with my loved ones. It is really the best time to look back, contemplate, forgive and be thankful for all the blessings that we received for the past year. It is not so hard to forgive if we surrender our weaknesses to God. Time and wounds heal. Treasure and give importance to the best memories we shared with them.


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